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ICC Networking

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Our ICConnections netowrking activities are designed to give counselors, coaches, psychotherapists, and other professionals a chance to network, get acquainted, learn about each other's practice, and make permanent connections.

We hosted our first networking event on Monday, 27 March 2017, and the second was 19 September 2017. In between, we have arranged informal get-togethers where colleagues can share a drink and get to know each other.

At the second event, the topic was learning:

Elize Burgess

from Learning Plus gave a presentation about helping children and teens who are experiencing problems at school.

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Marjolein van Bodegom

from Bureau van Bodegom told us Multiple Intelligence Learning Strategies (MILS).

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Our topic for the first event was Diversity in Counselling and we had two excellent presentations:

Shalaka Vaidya

from Best Buddy Counselling spoke about working in the Asian community.

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Glenn Krancher

from IQ Coaches told us about his work coaching people with autism spectrum disorder.

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