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Cancerlink is a support network, in English, for those with cancer and their family, friends, co-workers, and caregivers.

It can be an overwhelming experience when your life is touched by cancer. Whether it is yourself, a family member, or close friend, cancer has a huge impact. This is particularly true if you are living away from your home country and your normal support group.

Cancerlink is here to support you in these difficult circumstances.

Talking about cancer relieves some of the anxiety and is the first step towards dealing with it. This can often be too painful with those closest to you. This is where Cancerlink can help. It provides

  • a safe and caring environment to share information, experiences, stories, stresses, feelings, worries, and celebrations
  • free telephone support, provided by trained counsellors from International Counselling Connections on a voluntary basis
  • a way to connect and share experiences with others whose lives are or have been affected by cancer
  • information about services and organizations that provide support to people with cancer and their carers
  • help finding one-to-one counselling, on a fee-paying basis, at a location convenient to you

Keep an eye on our workshop page for our Cancerlink workshops.

Our Goal . . .

. . . to provide a safe space where individuals affected by cancer can find the understanding and support they need to enhance their ability to cope.

Download our comprehensive list of resources related to cancer (PDF, 180kb): Cancerlink Resources

For support and information, contact
International Counselling Connections:
06 2259 0772 or

Survivors of cancer can be a great source of hope
to people coping with diagnosis and treatment.
Connecting people who can help each other
is an important part of Cancerlink.